Australia finally has a fastening Standard!


Another advance in Australian construction standards has come to fruition in 2018 with SA TS 101:2015 being superseded by Australian Standard AS 5216:2018 (Design of post-installed and cast-in fastenings in concrete). What does this mean? The new Standard simplifies the selection of quality anchors and in-turn increases the safety of post-installed and cast-in concrete fasteners. SA TS 101:2015 although superseded is still a primary reference in the current 2016 NCC and the official document to follow when complying with the deeded-to-satisfy requirements. AS 5216:2017 will become a primary reference in the next NCC update in 2019. ICCONS are committed and leading the way towards a safer construction industry. As part of this commitment we continue to develop new proprietary ETA approved chemical and mechanical anchoring systems that comply with AS 5216:2018 / SA TS 101:2015. ICCONS understand that maintaining compliance to new standards can be a daunting task for many. With the release of AS 5216:2017 always look for the ICCONS NCC symbol of compliance and be confident your anchors comply!

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