In business we are all looking for a key point of difference from our competitors. That edge, that something special that sets as aside and paints as in a glorious light.

Some might say, "Our customer service is A1" or "we have the best stock and delivery in town". All nice things but nothing that sets you apart from any other succesful business out there. People expect good customer service or great products....its a staple of what makes your business successful. I'm talking about what little tangibles can you deliver that has customers go " wow, I was not expectiong that!"

These tangibles give customers that warm and fuzzy feeling. That "wow this business really cares that I chose them"

. We want to make a lasting impression on these customers for hopefully receive the return business.


Imagine handing over the keys to your customers, saying thank you for their business….then they walk in and find another surprise.

Imagine a cordless vacuum hanging, ready to use in the pantry or a blower charged ready in the garage. A BBQ on the back patio already frying away while you enjoy a burger with the new home owners. It’s these additional final touches that can make a business great.

KEVS can help determine and supply some of these items as a “value add” to your business. More than just your supplier we are here to help your business "stand out" from the crowd.

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