Angle Grinder 125mm (5") 1500W (PERFORM PROTECT) High Performance & Efficiency Motor E-CLUTCH�, NO-VOLT Release Switch & Overload Protection 2,800-10,000 RPM, Complete Electronic Control� provides multiple advanced technology features such as E-Clutch�, Power-Off�, and Power-Loss Reset�, No Volt Release, E-CLUTCH� reduces the "kickback" transmitted to the operator if the cutting disc jams, Electronic Overload Protection, Electronic variable speed control offers added tool control and enables the tool to be used at optimum conditions to suit the accessory and material, Constant Speed Control, Soft Start, 'Two Touch' Keyless Guard, Dust Ejection System for motor durability, Abrasion protected motor, Anti-Lock Flange, Anti-Vibration Side Handle, Cut off Brushes, Slide Switch

Angle Grinder 125mm (5") 1500W (PERFORM PROTECT)


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